Getting Squirrel and Mouse Removal Services

One of the worst things as a homeowner is finding out that you have rodents that have taken up residence in your home. Knowing that little, furry rodents are living in your midst is very unnerving and creates a lot of anxiety for most people. Whenever this happens, the best thing to do is to find a company of professionals who help with squirrel and mouse removal in Birmingham, to get them out of your home so you can feel safe again in your home. That security and peace of mind are so important and should be the first priority for a good company that helps take care of a rodent problem within your home. They should also have experience, give warranties on their services to ensure that you get the help that you pay for, and treat their customers with respect and friendliness. These things will help make your stressful situation a little bit easier to deal with. 


Services and Experience

Getting a company to come to your home to rid your home of rodents can be tricky. But of course you will want to find a company that offers the services you are looking for and that has experience with offering these services. You don’t want professionals coming in to help you if they have never handled a case like yours before. When they do, sometimes they hurt more than they help in the end, and it just creates a more stressful and prolonged experience for you. Therefore, before hiring a company, make sure they know what they are doing and that they have experience dealing with the problem that you are struggling with.



Another thing you will want to make sure you find in a company before you hire them is that they provide warranties on the services that they provide. This means that they will ensure that they have taken care of your rodent problem for a predetermined amount of time, such as one, three, or five years. When they do this, it shows that they are confident in their methods and abilities to rid your home of the nasty rodents, but that they will also provide free services if the rodents come back during that period of time that you have a warranty for. This protects you from having to keep paying for the same services over and over again.


Customer Service Skills

And of course, you will want to make sure that the company you hire is a company that you feel at ease with and that you feel comfortable working with. You will want a company that respects you and treats you as a valued customer. You will want to be treated with friendliness and you will want a company that will come promptly and treat your home and property with respect as well. These things matter, even if they are there to help with mouse removal in Birmingham. No one wants to work with professionals that treat them like their problem and concerns are silly and unfounded, but that sympathizes with them and helps to alleviate their worries and concerns.

The Advantage to Having a National Golf Membership

Are you a golf fanatic? What couldn’t be more perfect than to have the ultimate golf club membership that gets you into several different golf courses around the world? If you haven’t already heard, there are national golf memberships that can give you the luxury to literally golf anywhere while receiving all the great amenities you normally would when you have a membership. A national golf membership is a great way to save a ton of money, travel the world, and experience golfing at a whole new level. Learn more about how this membership can benefit you.

Saving Money

If you are a frequent golfer, the first thing you will notice is the fact that you will be saving so much more money. Golf can get expensive and if you golf often, you will begin to notice how much money it really takes. Don’t waste your money paying every single time you golf. By purchasing a membership, you pay a fee upfront and typically small payments each month to maintain it. A national membership is great because you not only get all access to the golf course that you love near your home, but if you are ever out of town on vacation, or even a business trip, you can still go golfing and save money. 


As mentioned before, traveling can be a fun way to get out there and experience different cultures. With a national membership, you have the ability to go to some the world’s greatest golf courses with ease. This membership allows you to take the time and the opportunity to do something you love when you are on the go. This makes your traveling experiences more unique and personal.

The Perks

Not only are you saving money and have the option to travel to amazing places, but you get amazing perks with being a member as well. If you have a national membership, you often can get your spouse and children in at no charge to come and enjoy a game with you. As a member, you also get priority on specific tee times and the ability to access all club facilities. There are also no extra fees or charges when you order food or other services from the club. What more could you ask for? It is now time to take your love for golf to a whole new level, consider a national golf membership and you will be satisfied.

Skunk Removal Tips and Advice

Having a skunk make a home under or around your home can be a major issue. If you encounter such a problem, it is usually best to contact a professional service to help you with skunk removal in Birmingham.

When to Contact the Professionals

It is a good idea to contact animal removal professionals when the skunk has made a residence on your property. This is particularly the case when you have children, pets, or livestock that can come into contact with the skunk, scaring it and getting sprayed. You should also contact the trapper if there is a rabies epidemic in your area, or if there is an unacceptable number of skunks in your neighborhood. To get a quote from the animal removal service, it helps to take some pictures of the animals and their residences from the safe distance of 20 feet or more.

Before the Professionals Arrive

Before the professional skunk trapper arrives, avoid walking within close proximity to the skunk or making any sudden moves that the animal could find intimidating. If you happen to notice a skunk close by, you should avoid waving your hands or running, but rather walk away quietly. If you have children or pets, make sure they do not come into contact with the skunk out of curiosity. When it feels threatened, the animal can spray a person or a pet from a distance as far as 15 feet away.

What to Expect from the Trappers

The trappers will usually arrive with specifically designed cages, which help them catch the animal without hurting it or having it spray anyone in the process. If someone in your household did get sprayed, the professionals have tools to neutralize the odor. They will also conduct a thorough inspection of the area to make sure no offspring was left behind by the trapped skunk.

Removing the Odor

If you want to take matters into your own hands and remove the odor from your pet or clothes, you can do so using the mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid detergent. If this method does not work for you, or if the spray damage is too strong to deal with on your own, it is always a good idea to contact a professional specializing in skunk removal in Birmingham.

How to Tell if Your Home Has Mice

Everybody enjoys a good visit to the zoo, where we get to see interesting and exotic animals. Unfortunately, the animals that invade are homes aren’t interesting or exotic, they’re just disgusting and irritating. One of the most common problems that homeowners and apartment dwellers have is a mice infestation. Nothing is more startling than a mouse appearing out of nowhere and dashing across your floor. Once you corner the mouse it may seem harmless, but mice carry diseases, spoil your food, and damage your home. If you aren’t sure whether your home has mice or not and want to make sure before you call for wildlife removal in Birmingham, there are a few telltale signs.


Your house can be infested long before you actually see a mouse, but you can usually hear signs of mice. Mice are most active at night, so be especially attentive to sounds after the sun goes down. Mice usually run around in your walls, and if you’re careful you can hear them moving and scratching. Pay attention to the sounds your home makes at night, and try to separate furnace, air conditioning, or plumbing noises from potential mice sounds.


Another way to identify a mouse problem before you have visual confirmation is through smell. Mice smell bad, they even smell significantly worse than rats. Mice have strong noses and use scents to communicate and mark territory. If you detect a foul odor and can’t find another likely cause, you should start looking for other signs of mice.


One of the easiest signs to detect is mouse droppings. Mice have to go somewhere, and they aren’t shy about leaving little surprises for you. If you open up a cupboard or look behind an appliance and see little dark piles of something, those are probably mouse droppings that indicate that mice spend time in that location. Be careful around these droppings, especially while cleaning them, as they can carry viruses that can spread to humans.


Tracks aren’t something you’re likely to see unless you make an effort. You can spread flour or sawdust in an area where you suspect mice inhabit. Overnight, if you indeed have mice, you should see tiny tracks appear. These tracks will not only indicate an infestation, but can give you an idea of where the mice are coming and going.


Another sign of mice is holes created by gnawing. Mice get from inside your walls to inside your cupboards through small holes that they gnaw. These holes may not be as large as they are in cartoons, mice can squeeze through holes as small as 1/4 inch wide, but you should still be able to see them if you look carefully. Holes may also start appearing in clothing or bags that contain food. Once a mouse has gotten into a bag of food, that food is garbage. At this point you should really start looking into complete removal.


There are lots of methods to remove mice. You can use poison or set up mouse traps in an attempt to remove the mice on your own. However, if the infestation is large enough it will be difficult to completely eradicate the mouse population. All it takes is two to create a whole new generation of problems. If your problem is serious, call for wildlife removal in Birmingham. These professionals will stop at nothing to rid your house of any pests that don’t belong. The mice in your home will be removed and disposed of in a humane and safe manner.

Villa Cleofas

Had a wonderful time fishing at Cagbalete Island this recent long vacation (Nov 1-4). Tessie (my wife) and I arrived at the island last Wed (Oct 31). Immediately, I asked Alex (our boatman) to set up our small pump boat and ventured into the sea. However, when we were a few kilometers away, the big waves started to hit us and we were forced to return close to the shore and did our fishing there. We only caught a few fish (banog, lapu-lapu, etc.). The following day, i did not dare go out on a boat because of the strong waves. I just tried casting my fishing line on the rocky part of the shore and caught quite a number of fish (enough for our dinner – delicious fresh lapu-lapu). On Saturday (Nov 3), three of my high school friends arrived – Bong Iyulores, Edwin Santilices, and Max Hernando. Bong brought his lovely wife Shirley and their 4 kids. I urged my friends to explore the small island just in front of our resort. Actually, this small island served as a natural break water for us. We walked about 1 kilometer in chest-deep water to reach that small island that we call Bonsai Island – because it has 2 very old bakawan trees that is only 2 feet high. It has been there since time immemorial according to the old folks in the place. the trees never grew tall because it is naturally trimmed by the waves of the sea. Anyway, I brought my 2 fishing lines with me just in case we run out of things to do. When we reached Bonsai Island, my friends were amazed with the place which is about 2,000 sqm, surface is very flat as if it was intentionally cemented to be a helipad. They looked at the old bakawan trees wondering how it managed to survive in that harsh condition for hundreds of years. Only its top branches can be seen when it’s high tide in that area. Max and I tried fishing around the area and started to catch some big lapu-lapu. I caought the biggest fish that weighed 1 kilo. We had a lot of fun, almost the same boyish laughter when we were still in high school. We went back to Bonsai Island the following day. Bong brought Shirley and their kids, and they bathed in the area. There were some small pools of water which has a natural “jacuzzi” effect because of the strong waves. Again, we did some fishing and caught some more lapu-lapu. Indeed, it was a great, memorable vacation for all of us. (by Tonet Reyeg)